Monday, July 16, 2018

Love handles before and after

1. Bicycle Crunches: “This exercise will work your internal and external obliques as well as the rectus abdominis [the largest ab muscle],” Keigher says.

Lie on your back, knees bent.

Place hands behind your head without interlacing your fingers. Lift your head slightly.
Twist so that your left elbow goes toward your right knee while you extend your left leg.
Pull your leg back in and extend the other leg, twisting so that your right elbow goes toward your left knee.
Build up to 3 sets of 25 reps each.
2. Standing Trunk Twists

Stand with your feet about hip-width apart.
Keep hips and legs facing forward as you twist to the right, extending your left arm out (like a punch) to the right.
Twist in the opposite direction (left), extending your right arm out in a punch to the left.
Aim for 100 repetitions.
3. Lying Leg Twist

Lie on your back with your arms stretched out to the sides, hands flat on your mat.
Lift legs and bend knees so that your calves are parallel to the floor and your thighs form a 90-degree angle with your torso.
Lower both legs together to one side so that your outer right thigh touches the ground on the right side, maintaining the 90-degree angle.
Return them to center and then lower to the other side so that your outer left thigh touches the ground.
Build up to 3 sets of 25 reps each.
4. Side Planks: “This exercise strengthens your core, in the front and the back,” Nasser explains.

Lie down on your right side, leaning on your elbow.
Extend your legs out straight, with your feet stacked. The edge of your right foot should be on the floor.
Use your core to hold your body up in a straight line (you can modify it by putting your right knee down on the floor if you need support). Hold for 20 to 30 seconds, or longer if you can.
Lower yourself fully to the floor and switch sides.
For added challenge, lift the top leg and hold it up so that it is not touching the bottom leg.
Holding each side for about 30 seconds, do four or five reps, and increase as you get stronger.
5. Seated Russian Twists

Sit on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat.
Hold your arms out in front of you, hands pressed together.
Lean back about 45 degrees. With a slow, controlled movement, twist to your left side. Return to center, and twist to your right. That’s one rep.
One full rep should take about 20 seconds. Take a breath and repeat. Start with four to five reps, adding more reps as you get stronger.

For an added challenge, lift your feet off the floor as you do this exercise.
You shouldn’t have to wait too long for results, Nasser says. If you eat a healthy, low-fat diet, burn more calories than you take in, and enjoy a good mix of cardio and ab workout time, you’ll watch your love handles start to melt away within a few weeks.

Home remedy for stye

Coriander-Seeds-For-Eye-Stye Pinit

You Will Need
2 tablespoons coriander seeds
1 cup water
What You Have To Do

Boil the coriander seeds in water for a few minutes.
Strain this water and let it cool.
Wash the affected eye with it.
How Often You Should Do This
Do this twice or thrice a day, and your stye will heal in no time.

Why This Works
The best-recommended home remedy for an eye stye is the use of coriander seeds. They contain compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce the edema in your eye (3).

2. Tea Bags For Eye Stye
 Tea-Bags-For-Eye-Stye Pinit

You Will Need
A tea bag
Warm water
What You Have To Do
Dip the tea bag in warm water for a minute.
Remove the extra water and place this tea bag on the affected eye until the bag cools down.
If the stye is on the inside of the lid, place the bag over the lid. You can also use a used tea bag for this.

How Often You Should Do This
Repeat this 2-3 times in the day.

Why This Works
Warm tea bags are known to work wonders on a stye. It not only gives relief from the pain but also helps reduce the swelling within 48 hours (4).

3. Guava Leaves For Eye Stye
 Guava-Leaves-For-Eye-Stye Pinit

You Will Need
5-6 guava leaves
Soft cloth
What You Have To Do
Boil the guava leaves for 5-7 minutes. Let it cool down a bit.
Dip the cloth in this water and place it on the eye stye for about 15 minutes.
How Often You Should Do This
Repeat this 2-3 times.

Why This Works
This not only heals the stye but also provides relief from pain and swelling. This is because the guava leaves possess anti-inflammatory properties. They are also antimicrobial in nature and will prevent the eye from getting infected (5).

4. Garlic Juice For Eye Stye
 Garlic-Juice-For-Eye-Stye Pinit

You Will Need
1 garlic clove
What You Have To Do
Crush the garlic clove and apply the juice that oozes out carefully on the stye using a Q-tip.
Wash it off with lukewarm water after it is dry.
How Often You Should Do This
Do this twice in the day.

Why This Works
Garlic juice is well known to cure an eye stye infection, thanks to its antibacterial properties (6). It will not only give relief from the pain but also reduce the stye.

Ensure the juice does not enter the eyes as it may sting a little.

5. Cloves Or Clove Oil For Eye Stye
 Cloves-Or-Clove-Oil-For-Eye-Stye Pinit

You Will Need
2-3 cloves
What You Have To Do
Grind the cloves to get a smooth paste.
Apply it from one corner of the eyelash to the other end. Apply a little on the stye too.
Leave it for a few hours to dry, and you will notice a drastic change.
You can also apply some clove oil instead of the cloves paste, with the help of a Q-tip.

How Often You Should Do This
Apply this twice a day.

Why This Works
This is another disinfectant that works wonders on a stye. Its antimicrobial properties can be made use of along with the antioxidants it contains to fasten the healing process (7).

The cloves may cause a burning sensation if they enter your eyes. So, be on guard.

6. Potato For Eye Stye
 Potato-For-Eye-Stye Pinit

You Will Need
1 small potato
A soft cloth
What You Have To Do
Peel and grate the potato. Place this in a cloth and wrap the cloth around it.
Place this cloth on the affected eye for 10-15 minutes.
How Often You Should Do This
This must be repeated twice a day for best results.

Why This Works
Potato is a mild astringent and has anti-inflammatory compound (8, 9). This poultice will reduce the swelling, the pain, and also prevent infection.

7. Turmeric For Eye Stye
 Turmeric-For-Eye-Stye Pinit

You Will Need
A pinch of turmeric powder
A glass of water
What You Have To Do
Mix the turmeric in the water and rinse your eye with this.

How Often You Should Do This
Do this twice a day to get fast relief.

Why This Works
Turmeric is an excellent antiseptic and is often used for treating topical and internal infections. This herb is also known for its healing properties